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“We are not a professional union, but together, we are a union of professionals!”


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The fire equipment service industry is a challenging and rewarding career choice.  The process by which you’ve embarked upon this journey may have started at a local career fair in your high school or college, but the fact that you’re here tells me you’re more than ready to take the next step up the ladder.  I can’t promise you’ll be successful.  That depends largely on your own commitment both to this profession and to the accumulation (and sharing) of knowledge.  We can certainly help with the latter; you’ll have to supply the former.

“We are not a professional union, but together, we are a union of professionals!”

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We are not affiliated with ASTTBC, CFAA, CANASA, NFPA or NICET (although we will always promote their efforts).  Membership in the Fire Protection Technicians Network is entirely voluntary.  Are you up to the challenge of demonstrating your commitment to public safety and the highest standard of professional practice? JOIN US! And let us help take your career to the next level!

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